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Clecia Queiroz (Brasilia): Songstress and composer Clecia had a huge success with her first solo CD, a mosaic of music from Bahia with songs by Dorival Vaymmi, J. Velloso, Gilberto Gil, Roberto Mendes. The black and white hands of Africans and European makes this music a ‘mulata music’, which translates as expression of creativity, rhythms and diversity. In Bahia, sound and movement intermingle through cities, streets, historic corners, combined with Blues, Funk, new-bossa.


İstanbul Quartet (Turkey): Istanbul String Quartet was founded in 1992. All members of the group are also artists with the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Orchestra. They received a scholarship program at Academia Musicale Chigiana and a perfection program at Scuola di Musica di Fiesole. They performed in many countries including Italy, Holland, USA, Russia, Germany….They have a very big repertoire including pieces from L.Boccherini, J. Haydn, A.Mozart, L.W.Beethoven... Ask for your classical music festivals and organisations.

Orquesta y Coro De la Comunidad de Madrid (Spain): Ask for Details

Mario Frangoulis (Greece): He studied violin at the Athens conservatory and composed his academic studies at the Guildhall school of music and drama at the Barbican Centre in London. In 1988 he won the leading role of Marius ‘Les Miserables’ and won the ‘Maria Callas’ scholarship which enabled him to study with his mentor, leading tenor Alfredo Kraus. In 1991, he was invited by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber to play the part of Raoul in ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ at her Majestry's theatre in London. He has appeared in West Side Story, Cabaret, Company, Orlando. His work away from the musical theatre has included Edmond in King Lear, Dionyssus in The Bacchae, Puck in A Midsummer's Night's Dream…He has released 2 albums in Greece which reached platinum status in pop charts. A great repertiore from musicals to arias, classical tunes to well known pop songs. Ask for more.


Alfredo Rodriguez (Cuba): The exceptional and wonderful encounter of seven prestigious musicians from the pioneers to the youngest: six different experiences for the same music, deeply Afro-Cuban, coloured by Latin Jazz. Since 1966 he has been touring all around the world. An accomplished classical pianist that has always been inspired by his roots to bring us his unique style of Afro-Cuban Jazz.

Ambos Mundos: (Cuba): Founded in 1995 in Havana with the aim of providing a wide view of Cuban Culture. They perform various songs from Cuba with different styles: Son, Yoruba, Rumba, Bolero. The group has some theatre activities based mainly upon Afro-Cuban legends and poetry in Spanish and French, with a repertoire suitable for both adults and children. They gave more than 400 concerts all around Europe and they released 4 albums in 5 years.

Jorge Cordero (Cuba): Singer, composer, and director of the most famous salsa orchestra in Denmark. He was born in Cuba and moved to Denmark . He performed in many European countries with his great orchestra. He has 4 CD’s released including numerous hit songs in Scandinavia. Shining star in the North of Europe and ready to perform in your country too.

Septeto Nacional (Cuba): The Cuban son is forged definitely when, in 1927, Ignacio founds their renovating Septeto Nacional, the one which today, more than 70 years later, conserves its magic flavour. They gave many sold out concerts all around the world. The pure Cuban music can be tasted in the highest level with this legendary group. Great show, great performance.


Alihan Samedov (Azerbaijan): He is the master player of wind instruments (balaban, clarinet, tutek, zurna, saxophone) and Azerbaijan folk instruments. He has attended many international festivals and gave concerts from France to Singapore, from Poland to Spain... He released his last album in 2001 summer and got a huge success. Discover new sounds and balaban from Azerbaijan.

Barrio Chino (France): Although the musicians of Barrio Chino reside in Marseilles, they are named for the port area in Barcelona. A versatile and multicultural group, Barrio Chino plays music inspired from the Algerian and Tunisian background of its founders, brother and sister Sylvie and Gil Aniorte-Paz. The style of music for Barrio Chino is flamenco rumba, and their current musical explorations follow the constantly evolving Camino de la Rumba. Additional inspiration comes from Greek bouzouki, Sepharic mandolin music, and arabic-andalucian percussion.

Companyia Electrica Dharma (Spain): The group was founded in 1974 and is the most legendary group in Catalonia. Their career is marked with 17 albums and various number of concerts in numerous countries. Their music is between progressive & world music that ascribes to the Mediterranean mentality and sensibility. Dharma is one of the best group in Iberian rock scene in their special mixture of sounds of Mediterranean ,Catalan folklore with world ethnic music.

Erkan Ogur (Turkey): He is the inventor of the fretless guitar and has been playing over 20 years with the best musicians in Turkey as well as foreign musicians like Pat Metheny . He is a virtuoso on fretless guitar, kopuz and other traditional string instruments. He performs traditional Anatolian songs with İsmail Demircioğlu; bass voice and bağlama artist. He has a new project with Djivan Gasparyan to be released very soon. Ask for more details

Gozategi (Spain): The trikitixa- a diatonic accordion- has been most acclaimed sound from the Basque country for some time, filling plazas and gathering multitudes for competitions. The schools are full and it warms the heart of the Basques , animating celebrations and creating a link between generations who are united to this little accordion. Gozategi is the biggest standouts of this movement if one takes into account their inspiration and freshness for creating texts and catchy melodies as well as their facility to combine rhythms and different styles mixing traditional and current tendencies.

Gypsy Jam (Denmark): Five Danish musicians moving along several styles of ethnic music mainly inspired by the music of eastern European gypsies… all played with flaming devotion and originality. Listen beautiful gypsy songs from Balkan area, Turkey and Spain with a great performance .Gypsy songs with a great flavour can not be performed better than these brilliant musicians.


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