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MesajKonu: Yabancı Sanatçılar   Paz Haz. 22, 2008 3:46 pm

Harem (Turkey): Four brilliant and very young percussion artists who recorded their debut album in 2000 summer and had a sales around 100.000 unit. In 2001 July , they released their 2nd album and sold more than 200.000 unit in around 3 months. They topped the charts with their new single which is a good blend of techno music with darbukas. They combine the passion of Turkish Percussion’s with Indian, Arabic and Latin rhythms. They gave around 70 concerts all over Europe in a year and they are on the way to be the masters of percussion’s.

Hevia (Spain): He became number one with an instrumental song in Spanish Pop charts. He sold more than 1.5 million with his debut album. He has been playing bagpipe since 1977. With the two albums he recorded he is one of the greatest musician in ethnic music scene in many countries. He designed his own electric gaita. Watch out for his great stage performance and take a seat to be a part of this great show.

Hüsnü S. & Orient Rhythms (Turkey): A group of 8 gypsy musicians who perform many Anatolian folk songs in their touch of magic. After releasing a highly acclaimed debut album, they had a contract with Traditional Crossroads company. Apart from accompanying numerous musicians ,each of them are skilled virtuoso in their field. They adapt traditional Turkish sounds and blending them with various forms of jazz & ethnic sounds.

Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares (Bulgaria): The group was founded in 1952 and recorded 9 albums. They are nominated for Grammy Awards many times and received one in 1990. They are one of the best woman vocal group of the world. They gave many concerts in many festivals. A great cultural show with a very big journey of Balkan Melodies. Watch out for the beauty and perfection with 24 vocal with 4 musicians.

Maria Del Mar Bonet (Spain): A unique voice from beautiful island Mallorca. She recorded 24 albums and got a huge success and fame in Spain. She has toured in more than 25 countries since 1967. She sings many tunes from Mediterranean region from Turkey , Greece and Tunisia. She recorded many songs of Zulfu Livaneli & Mikis Theodarakis and gave concerts with them. For a journey all through Mediterranean watch out for a great diva.

Mercan Dede (Turkey): The Mercan Dede Ensemble was founded in 1998, as the culmination of Mercan Dede's extensive musical experience over the past decade both in Turkey and in North America. The primary aim of the Ensemble is to foster an environment in which music can be created and enjoyed freed from restrictive categories and concerns related to the division of music according to various disciplines. Performing traditional eastern music enables the members of the Ensemble to realize this aim to a degree not often encountered. Mercan Dede's additional experience with modern western music, and in particular electronic music, helps to create a new and powerful musical expression in combination with the eastern inspired music and improvisations provided by the other members of the ensemble. Sufi music with modern sounds with DJ Samples & Whiling Derviches.

Oriental Mood (Denmark): One of the most recognised world music band, playing oriental inspired ethnic music in Denmark. Since 1991 Oriental Mood has developed its own unique world music sound. The group celebrated their 10th year with a Greatest Hits compilation. The songs of Oriental Mood is a mixture of their own compositions and traditional Middle eastern melodies set in new arrangements. Great performance on stage with the greatest musicians from Denmark.

Slonovski Bal (France): 8 musicians from Ex-Yugoslavia region performing many songs from Balkan area. Their music travels all around the Balkan region with songs from Goran Bregovic to many traditional songs. The energy of the songs and the group makes all the people dance while the group is on stage. You have to feel the difference of ethnic music with Slonovski Bal.

Susana Baca (Peru): The world discovered her voice for the first time on Luaka Bop compilation. The objectives of Susana can be summarised in one word: recovering. Recovering the past means rescuing from the wearing of time. A great diva, a great talent from Peru. With her talent she illuminates a road from past, a recovery road. Interpreting old and traditional songs in a way is always was her main objectives. The great show on stage with her unique voice should not be missed.

Yeni Türkü (Turkey): Best selling and best known group in Turkey who are in music business since 1979. They have recorded 12 albums. Their music combines all Mediterranean melodies with Turkish music. They have been giving concerts all over the world and toured more than 30 countries. Taste the sound of guitar with songs all over Mediterranean Region with a great stage performance.


Ala Dos Namorados (Portugal): One of the most innovative group of Portugal. Their repertoire covers different styles; such as Cabo Verde rhythms to reminiscences of medieval song, music-hall with a jazzy flavour. Although bulk of their music is born from the melancholy Fado and popular Portuguese urban creation; a mix of love-ballads and actuality. They went many times platinum in their country with their records and performed in many countries all around Europe.

Sara Tavares (Portugal): After winning two most festivals in Portugal and recording 2 albums, she has a successful career which enabled her a highlight place in Portugal despite her age. When you listen beautiful voice of Sara, you can feel the influence of her Root’s from Cape Verde and soul, pop, funk and hip hop. With her own songs she is going to be a great diva in Europe. She is preparing the new album for 2002.


Belen Maya (Spain- Dancer): Belen Maya is the epitome of the modern flamenco woman who has recently seen in the Flamenco film of Carlos Saura. One of the Spain’s most acclaimed and innovative Flamenco Dancer. Her unique style blends the core and soul of Flamenco to create a stunning performance of elegance and passion. She has worked with many important dance companies like ; Cortes, Mario Maya, Compania Andaluza de Danza. Watch out for her great performance and great collaboration with Mayte Martin.

Chicuelo (Spain- Guitarist): He was born in 1968 and began his guitar studies in Barcelona. He worked with many important Flamenco singers and musicians. He assisted as a studio musician in many recordings including Tomatito, Mayte Martin, Ginesa Ortega, Miguel Poveda. He participated in both EXPO and Bienal de Flamenco in Seville. He toured all through USA, Japan and Europe. He is one of the best guitarist in flamenco scene in Spain nowadays.

Compania Andaluza de Danza/CAD (Spain-Dance Company): One of the most important flamenco company of Spain. They had many shows in Europe, USA and Japan since 1994. Under the direction of Jose Antonio (one of the best choreographer of Spain), the group has a great repertoire and they are offering all festivals and venues 2 new shows: Picaso-Paisajes and Encuentros for spring and summer of 2001. 30 people gives you the world of dance in one show. Ask for different repertoires for your country. he difference

Jose Antonio Rodriguez (Spain-Guitarist): He got numerous important prizes in guitar festivals all over the world. He was the youngest flamenco guitar teacher at the age of 20 in Cordoba Conservatory. He gave many concerts all around the world and shared the stage and recordings with many great stars like Paco De Lucia, Manolo Sanlucar… An expert in guitar what else we can say.

Mayte Martin (Spain-Vocal): One of the most complete flamenco singer of her generation, has managed to take a place of privilege of herself in the world of flamenco. She can perform any style of her repertoire with absolute ease, without falling into stereotypes of flamenco. She takes her time to explore every song, all the possibilities of expression and its beauty. Great show if she performs with Belen Maya.

Miguel Poveda (Spain-Guitarist): He began to sing at the age of 15 and formed a group called ‘From Andalusia’ playing rumbas and sevillanas. He got many awards in many festivals . He has a voice unmistakably flamenco, which overflows its banks time after time whilst making its journey- without fear- into uncharted territory. He performed all through Europe and Japan. A great distinctive singer, a brilliant flamenco singer of 2000’s.



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